Growing up in North Carolina, one of the true birthplaces of authentic barbeque, Mojo owner and proprietor, Todd Lineberry, learned to recognize the distinct tastes of true BBQ classics.

Taking knowledge from his personal journeys and tapping into the recipes of his youth combined to create the birth of Mojo, a truly authentic mix of barbeque specialties from all four major barbeque regions - North Carolina, Memphis, Texas and Kansas City. Mojo masters the best food from each area by staying true to the original cooking techniques but giving each the Mojo spin by expanding on its appeal and maximizing flavor with the use of Mojo's own homemade barbeque sauces.

This commitment to authenticity, with a twist, allows patrons to experience versions of their favorite barbeque styles from all over the country in one really relaxed, really cool place. Add in the homemade southern sides including cheese grits, collard greens, black eyed peas and mac and cheese - just to name a few - and you've got Mojo magic.

If the hot Southern blues don't get you, the outstanding flavor and big portions will. Isn't it time you got your Mojo workin'?